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An important part of the historic memory is contained in the ancient area of the centre between reality and legend.
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The Old Town is rare and unique. The buildings which are typically urban reveal the various stages of a long, distinct and complex cultural process connected to the political, economic and social aspects of the island.
Although the Sardinian historians state that Alghero was founded in 1102 by the Doria family from Genoa, nowadays there are other opinions.
Some scholars say the origins go even further back while others claim they are more recent.
Click to enlarge It's doubtful that the name Alghero derives from "Alga" ? seaweed or even from "Terra Aligeri", - Aligeri's land, and it certainly isn't convincing that it comes from the Arab saying "EI-Gar" - fortress.
1345 is definitely the date of origin of Catalan Alghero. Alghero is still Catalan and this is not only obvious because of the language and the traditions but also because of the monuments which in the Old Town seem to exude their Catalan origins.
Click to enlarge Take for instance the two bell towers, the architecture of the cathedral and the church of San Francesco and the Gothic Catalan style of many buildings.
This style which is a reflection of the Gothic French and influenced by Arab architecture is also present in Catalonia and in Spain in general.
Alghero like Cagliari shows evidence of this architecture. We can find portals adorned with lilies, windows with gothic arches, ornamental leaf sculptures, ceramic work and statues of people and animals.
Buildings in this style date back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

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